Frequently Asked Questions

Simply visit , Register with your details and then click on signup button to get registered on EFQ.

EFQ is open for all to participate without any Age, Caste, Education & Income bar.

The first time you need to pay INR 350.00 as a subscription charge by which you will get 25000 points to play your quiz. The next time you can recharge your account by INR 300.00and this will also provide you 25000 points to play the quiz.

EFQ is open for all. Anyone who is subscribing EFQ can play it and get rewards.

There are total 10 multiple choice questions to be answered which are picked from various categories like Sports, G.K., and Science etc.

There is a time limit of 500 Seconds for playing each quiz round. The user will also get the bonus points if he finishes the quiz before 500 seconds. For each 2 remaining seconds he will get 1 bonus point. For example if the user answers 10 questions in 200 seconds means 300 seconds are remaining. So the bonus points earned is 150 Points.

No, there is no negative marking on EFQ.

Demo section is a practice set which makes you familiar with the main quiz section. 

You can play as many times as you wish. You are free to play demo quiz any time.

Demo quiz is absolutely free. You need not to pay anything for the demo section.

You need to contribute 1000 points to play main quiz.

As soon as your account balance reaches to 50000 points, you have to make online requests for redemption. You can redeem your rewards earned in multiple of 10000 points over and above 50000 points.

Under ‘My Points’ you have an option ‘Redeem’ to redeem your reward point. You need to put your details to redeem your rewards.

Your reward will be directly transferred to your bank account via NEFT (wire) transfer.

You will get your reward within 15 days from the date of redemption.

The 1 point is equal to 1 paisa.

For each direct referral you will get 2500 Points in your account as a referral bonus.

No, there is no limit; one can make as many referrals as he wants.

Under ‘Score Card Section’ you will have an option to submit your query if you are not satisfied with any of our answers.

If your answer is correct then 200 points per question will be re-credited to your account. This will not have any effect on your total score and position.